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Welcome to Raising Girls on the Autism Spectrum. I am Orla and I am a Mum to three children, Josh, Anna and Sarah, who are all Autistic. In the years since Josh was diagnosed we have seen awareness of Autism grow in our society , recognition of the need and the right to acceptance and inclusion. 

What we do not have is the same level of awareness or recognition of girls on the Autism Spectrum. I want to change that. I can't do much but I can make a start by telling our story and the stories of other girls and women on the Autism Spectrum and those raising them. 

We have the somewhat unique perspective of raising a boy and two girls on the spectrum who present very differently in terms of Autistic traits so I believe that gives me a good base to start. I am no expert but I have experienced a lot over the years. I want to share what I have learned and continue to share as I continue to learn. I come from a line of strong women and I want to educate myself in order to allow my daughters have the opportunity to reach their full potential and carry on that line of strong women. 

               "Women on the Autism Spectrum" A series of interviews. 

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Promoting Independence in Personal Hygiene and Self-Care

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